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Change Auditor

Security vulnerability monitoring for your Active Directory (AD) and hybrid Microsoft environment. 

  • Keep your business safe with Change Auditor’s real-time Active Directory monitoring and security tracking
  • Azure AD and Office 365 increase your attack surface, but Change Auditor can help you stay safe
  • Protect your data from ransomware and other exploits with Change Auditor
  • Get alerted to suspicious user activity and administrator changes in real-time
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  • Keep your systems safe with Change Auditor, the IT auditing and security threat monitoring software
  • Get in-depth forensics and real-time alerts on all key configuration, user and administrator changes
  • Detect indicators of compromise across AD, Azure AD and authentications to thwart ransomware attacks
  • Track lateral movement across the network and audit suspicious user activity across file servers, Office 365 and Exchange

Change Auditor Support Various Platforms: 

Active Directory

Change Auditor for Active Directory (AD) and Change Auditor for Logon Activity detect and alert on changes to critical objects in Microsoft Active Directory and Azure AD with a single, correlated view across your hybrid AD environment. Track Kerberos, NTLM and ADFS authentications to identify vulnerabilities and exploits.

Download Change Auditor for Active Directory datasheet

Azure AD and Office 365

With just a few clicks, you can pair Change Auditor and On Demand Audit to get a single, hosted view of all changes made across AD, Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Teams.


Download Change Auditor for Exchange datasheet

Windows File Server

Change Auditor for Windows File Servers helps you control and audit changes to Microsoft Windows Server administration efficiently and cost-effectively. Proactively track, audit, report on and alerts on vital changes, including user and administrator accounts, in real time and without the overhead of system-provided auditing.

Download Change Auditor for Windows File Server datasheet

SQL Server

Change Auditor for SQL Server makes database auditing of Microsoft SQL Server easy and secure. It tracks, audits, reports on and alerts on changes in real time, translating events into simple terms and eliminating the time and complexity required for auditing.

Download Change Auditor for Auditor datasheet

SharePoint and One Drive for Business

Change Auditor for SharePoint enables faster, easier and more secure SharePoint, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business auditing. It translates events into simple terms, stores data in one centralized and secure database and, in real time, tracks, audits, reports on and alerts on critical changes to:

  • SharePoint farms, servers, sites, users, permissions and more.
  • File and folder activity as well as sensitive data moving in and out of OneDrive for Business.


Download Change Auditor for SharePoint datasheet here.


Change Auditor Key Product Features

Security threat monitoring

Detect attack attempts, lateral movement through your network, and post-attack damage done to your critical workloads like Exchange and file systems.

Complete coverage

Detect indicators of compromise (IOCs) across AD and Azure AD to catch attacks before they start, and audit suspicious user activity across file servers, Office 365 and Exchange to monitor adversaries already in the network.

Threat timelines

View, highlight and filter change events and discover their relation to other security events in chronological order across your Microsoft environment for better forensic analysis and security incident response.

Related searches

Provide instant, one-click access to all information on the change you’re viewing and all related events, such as what other changes came from specific users and workstations, eliminating guesswork and unknown security concerns.

Superior auditing engine

Remove auditing limitations and capture change information without the need for system-provided audit logs, eliminating blind spots, and resulting in increased visibility of suspicious user activity.

Secure AD attack paths

Identify Tier Zero assets and the attack paths to them using BloodHound Enterprise and monitor and secure those attack paths to avoid exploits with Change Auditor.

SIEM integration

Enrich SIEM solutions including Sentinel, Splunk, ArcSight, QRadar or any platform supporting Syslog by integrating Change Auditor’s detailed activity logs.

Auditor-ready reporting

Generate comprehensive reports to support regulatory compliance mandates for GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA / NIST, GLBA and more.


There are specific system requirements for the Change Auditor coordinator (server-side), Change Auditor client (client-side), Change Auditor agent (server-side), and the Change Auditor workstation and web client (optional components). For a full list of system requirements and required permissions for all components and target systems that can be audited by Change Auditor please refer to the Change Auditor Installation Guide.

The Change Auditor coordinator is responsible for fulfilling client and agent requests and for generating alerts.

  • Processor

Quad core Intel® Core™ i7 equivalent or better

  • Minimum: 8 GB RAM or better

    Recommended: 32 GB RAM or better

  • SQL Server

SQL databases supported up to the following versions:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 SP3
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016 SP3
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2017
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance (PaaS) with SQL authentication or Azure Active Directory authentication

NOTE: Performance may vary depending on network configuration, topology, and Azure SQL Managed Instance configuration.

NOTE: Change Auditor supports SQL AlwaysOn Availability Groups, SQL Clusters, and databases that have row and page compression applied.


  • Operating system

Installation platforms (x64) supported up to the following versions:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2022
  • NOTE: Microsoft Windows Data Access Components (MDAC) must be enabled. (MDAC is part of the operating system and enabled by default.)


  • Coordinator software and configuration
  • For the best performance, Quest strongly recommends:

    • Install the Change Auditor coordinator on a dedicated member server.
    • The Change Auditor database should be configured on a separate, dedicated SQL server instance.

    NOTE: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server is required when the Change Auditor database resides on Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure Active Directory authentication is selected.

    NOTE: Do NOT pre-allocate a fixed size for the Change Auditor database.

    In addition, the following software/configuration is required:

    • The coordinator must have LDAP and GC connectivity to all domain controllers in the local domain and the forest root domain.
    • x64 version of Microsoft’s .NET 4.7.1
    • x64 version of Microsoft XML Parser (MSXML) 6.0
    • x64 version of Microsoft SQLXML 4.0


  • Coordinator footprint
    • Estimated hard disk space used: 1 GB.
    • Coordinator RAM usage is highly dependent on the environment, number of agent connections, and event volume.
    • Estimated database size will vary depending on the number of agents deployed and audited events captured.

Additional Account Coordinator minimum permissions required, please see Change Auditor Installation Guide .

Minimum: 8 GB RAM or better

Recommended: 32 GB RAM or better



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