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Toad for Oracle

Modernize your Oracle database operations to enable business agility.

Ever wonder why Toad® for Oracle is the leading toolset for database professionals, despite free offerings from platform vendors? It’s simple: They want to work smarter, not harder.  

  • Automating tasks and processes helps shorten release cycles and minimize risks associated with changes.
  • Get more done in less time – up to twice as much work can be completed using Toad for Oracle!
  • Ensure systems performance is maintained or improved – 95% of users report an improvement in SQL performance.
  • Take your business to the next level with enhanced products, enriched customer experiences, and extended market reach.
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Compare Toad for Oracle Editions

No matter what your skill or experience level, there’s an edition of the Quest® Toad® for Oracle database management toolset that will help you easily complete your work with increased speed and accuracy. With Toad for Oracle, you can perform essential database development and administration tasks from a single, intuitive toolset. The Toad for Oracle solution makes it fast and easy to generate queries and reports, perform SQL development and optimization, detect and diagnose database problems, automate administrative tasks, and more.

We offer five Toad® for Oracle editions: Base, Professional, Xpert, Developer and DBA. This allows you to get the best tools for your specific business needs.

Find out which Toad for Oracle edition is right for you.

Toad for Oracle Key Product Features


Reduce the risk of manual errors by automating complex and repetitive tasks like schema compare, script execution, administration, reporting and more. Workflow automations can be shared and scheduled for execution. Automation Designer is available with all Toad for Oracle editions.

Data modeling

Define the most efficient data structures before building your database schemas or reverse engineer existing data structures into a new data model to make changes or to document. Toad Data Modeler is included with Toad for Oracle DBA Edition.

PL/SQL code profiling

Easily determine why your PL/SQL code is executing slowly by visually exposing performance bottlenecks. The PL/SQL Profiler is available with all Toad for Oracle editions.

Database health and security

Assess database health quickly by validating performance, configuration and security vulnerabilities through health check reporting. Database Health Check is available with the DB Admin Module and Toad for Oracle DBA Edition.

Team collaboration

Share standards, best practices, code, scripts, artifacts and more and dramatically improve collaboration and consistency across the development organization. Project Manager is available with all Toad for Oracle editions.

Data privacy and auditing

Find and protect sensitive data and then apply Oracle’s Data Redaction, Data Encryption and audit policies to secure and track data access. Data privacy features require Toad for Oracle Professional Edition and the Sensitive Data Protection Module.


– Windows 8.1
– Windows 10
– Windows 11
– Windows Server 2012 R2 – 2 CPU required
– Windows Server 2016
– Windows Server 2019
– Windows Server 2022

  • 1 GHz Processor
  • 1 GB RAM – Toad for Oracle 32 bit
  • 2 GB RAM – Toad for Oracle 64 bit

Note: The memory required may vary based on the following: 

  • Applications that are running on your system
  • Size and complexity of the database
  • Amount of database activity
  • Number of concurrent users accessing the database
  • 800MB — Toad for Oracle Base Edition
  • 1GB — Toad for Oracle Developer Edition 
  • 530MB — Toad for Oracle Professional Edition
  • 2GB — Toad for Oracle DBA Edition 
  • 625MB — Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition
  • 2GB — Toad for Oracle DBA Edition RAC and Exadata Editions
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 12c Release 1 and 2
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 18c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 19c
  • Oracle Client or Instant Client 21c
  • 10g Release 2
  • 11g Release 1 and 2
  • 12c Release 1 and 2
  • 18c
  • 19c
  • 21c (Linux and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)
  • Application: Citrix XenApp 5.0 and 6.5 have been tested
  • Server: Oracle VM 3.1 has been tested
  • Desktop: vWorkspace 7.0 has been tested
  • VMware ESX Server 3.5, 4.0 and 5.5 have been tested
  • Amazon EC2 Oracle Database as a Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service have been tested.

Wondering if Toad for Oracle is the right toolset for you and your team?

Check out our Quest Toad Benefits Calculator to see how much money you could save by using Toad for Oracle. You can generate a cost-saving report to share with your business teams. Simply enter variables and assumptions about your DBAs and developers, and you can immediately see a summary of the value of your investment over the life of the license.

You can also adjust your input and see a more detailed breakdown of the payback period, cost savings and expected ROI of Toad for Oracle.

By sharing this information with your decision makers, it will be easy to justify your investment in Toad for Oracle. Make sure to try our Quest Toad Benefits Calculator today!

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